Treadmill Walking Workout -For Beginners



It’s cold and rainy outside so move those clothes that are hanging off your treadmill. Get your walking workout in, no excuses now.


Get started at slower speed. You will have to chose the speed as it will be different for everyone. Do this on incline of 1.0. Concentrate on your walking form, keep your head and eyes looking forward and swing your arms naturally. Let go of the had rails unless it is extremely necessary.

Continue your warm-up for 2 to 3 minutes.

Steady as you go

Increase your incline to 1.5 and your speed up to your normal walking speed. A steady pace and slight incline will help you to get to your target heart, which is the moderate-intensity zone for your age.

Continue your workout for 25 minutes. If twenty five minutes is to long then adjust the time down until you feel comfortable in your walk. Over time you will increase your fitness and be able to increase your time, speed and incline.


Drop your speed down to your original speed and lower the incline of 1.0. You should cool down for at least 2 minutes, giving your heart rate time to return closer to your normal walking rate.

Increasing your speed and level

After a week try increasing your speed at the 5 minute mark, up .5 on your treadmill. Do this for one minute. Return to your lower speed and lower incline level for two minutes. Repeat this sequence for a total of 5 times.

During your third week increase your level up to 2.0 and set your speed at the same level as the second week. Continue this for 10 of the 25 minutes.

Keeping Motivated

Walking on the treadmill is my least favorite activity. It is plain and simple that I get bored quickly. Some days I will watch my favorite episodes of Andy Griffith or another series I enjoy. Many of those videos run about twenty to twenty-five minutes which runs closely with the length of my workout.

You can also listen to music, a podcast or audio books. Be creative, but keep in mind that you need to be safe during your workout.

Variations of Treadmill Workouts

Imitate a rolling hill walk with the following speed and incline. Set your incline at 5% and walk at a moderate pace for 7 minutes, then increase your speed from .1 (example 2.8 to 2.9) for seven minutes.

The following seven minutes would be at 3.0 at a 7% incline for 3 minutes, followed by a speed of 3.0 at a 5% incline. You get the picture, be creative and change it up. Make up a workout that fits you best and challenges you a little bit more each day.

You can simulate that steep hill by putting your incline on the highest setting and slow the speed down to 2.8 and work on a few different muscles.

The treadmill can be a very useful tool in maintaining your fitness with your walking schedule. Be sure to comment below with your favorite way of fighting boredom while you walk on the treadmill.

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