Indoor Walking Workouts – Be Creative

In this article I will cover some of the basics to think about when your walking indoors.

Where do I walk indoors!

There are many places to walk indoors. Our local college has an indoor track that allows the public to walk during certain hours of the day. It’s free, check your community resources for the availability of facilities to walk indoors in your neighborhood.

One of my fellow walkers, will also walk at the local Walmart during the early morning hours. Be sure your check to see if your store allows people to walk. One group of fellow walkers has gotten permission to walk at the local national guard facility during the day. What does your community have available for indoor walking facilities?

You may have also heard of “Mall walkers”, these are people who walk inside of malls. This could be a change of scenery for you if your happened to have a local mall.

You can walk at home and follow along with a video. You can also walk at home on a treadmill. Even though this is my least favorite place to walk, many people enjoy watching videos, TV, listening to books or listening to music will they walk on the treadmill.

There are also recreation centers, YMCA, YWCA, Sports Clubs and other clubs that may have indoor walking facilities. These facilities may have a user fee or membership requirement for you to utilize them.

How to walk!

Keep your head up, using a natural arm swing are important things to remember while your are walking indoors. Incorrect posture puts unecessary stresses on your neck and back. Remember what your mother told you, “sit up straight.” The same goes for walking, good posture is important.

You should also remember your goals for walking, which might include the intensity of your walk and the length of time your spend on your indoor stroll.

Changing your incline!

Changing your incline can be challenging inside, but be creative and it will work.

When your are using a treadmill, use the incline feature to change things up  a bit and put different stresses on your muscles.

When your are at home without a treadmill, consider part of your walking workout to be up and down your home’s stairs. The stairs will challenge your endurance, improve your lung capacity and provide a great change of pace.

If your don’t have stairs at home, then consider changing things up by lifting your knees a little higher or doing a few steps to the side and  then a few steps to the back and a few steps forward. This will ultimately increase your coordination and exercise different muscles. Be careful to not overdo it, my hips were very tight when I tried to do some side steps and I had to ease into it.

This may date me, my children gave me a WII to give me a challenge and a change of pace. The Sports Challenge has a couple of walking routines on it the I enjoy.

Changing your speed!

If your have a treadmill at home, it is easy to change your speed. Changing your speeds will challenge you, increasing your strength and endurance.

When you walk at places that are conducive to your changing your speed such as the mall, then by all means adjust your speed, just change things up. Changing your speed also allows your to work closer to your target heart rate and the follow up with a cool down period.

When your walk in place your can change the speed at which your walk and as stated before, lifting your knees higher will change the intensity of the workout.

Changing your resistance!

How about adding light ankle weights. You could even try some hand weights. If your don’t have hand weights be creative by using a couple soup cans or a couple of water bottles. Be sure your are comfortable with whatever additional weight you use.

Things to consider!walking shoes

Make sure your take care of your feet. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes that give your good support for your feet. Don’t forget that the socks are important. Wear socks that won’t slip around and cause sores on your feet or become uncomfortable during your stroll.

Give yourself plenty of room when your are walking indoors. Take into consideration any side stepping or change of directions your might be doing during your indoor walk.

Walking Workout Plan – 15 minute

On those days I don’t want to take the time to walk for 30 minutes. It is easy for me to do a couple of different walks during my day which will have the same benefits. Here is a simple 15 minute routine.

  • Start out easy for 2 to 3 three minutes
  • Now speed it up for at least 10 minutes
  • Ease the pace for the remainder of the 15 minutes.
  • Stretch those muscles at the end of your walk.

You can easily adapt this workout plan above to the time frame your desire.


Walking indoors will provide your with exercise that will benefit your health one step at a time. You can use walking indoors as a change of pace for outdoor walking. You decide, keep it fun and enjoy the benefits of a lifestyle that includes walking.

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