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My Story

My story begins as a Midwestern young man that grew up in a small farming community. Growing up I enjoyed a lot of physical activity from the neighborhood softball, football and hockey games. I also benefited from riding bikes, hiking, mowing lawns and even had a paper route. As a teenager I began to work for the local farmers walking beans and baling hay. My parents owned a grain elevator business  where I got a lot of physical activity from the various jobs I was assigned.

Fast forward to the years after college, where I was trained as an accounting professional. This career choice meant a lot of sitting behind a desk. During the early days of my career, I was still engaged in sports as an after work activity. When I reached my 40s, the all day sitting at a desk began to show up on my body through significant weight gain. Many days when I came home, my mind was so exhausted that I just wanted to vegetate and did not pursue any meaningful exercise on a consistent basis.

Around the time I turned 50, I began to have significant health issues. I began a walking routine both on the treadmill and outside (weather permitting).

Walking is the only exercise that I still enjoy, because it can be in many different venues. Outside it is refreshing to see other people and enjoy God’s creation.


Information that is relevant

I would like to provide information for people to get the physical activity from walking they need. Everyone is different and each individual will have to decide for themselves what is appropriate for them. But not getting some physical exercise is not good in the long run. Our bodies are not made to be sedimentary.



I trust you will enjoy the journey with me while using walking as a means of getting physical activity. Maybe I will meet some new friends along the way.


All the best,


Founder at My Walking Workout.

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